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Alamo caretakers discuss how to control ‘misinformation’

The Alamo at Night

Express-News Reporter Scott Huddleston, who’s been covering the turmoil within the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, wrote a follow-up story about a discussion to prohibit the nonprofit’s employees from talking to the media — even after the employees no longer work for the group:

The women who run the Alamo deny that they’re trying to muzzle anyone.

But the Daughters of the Republic of Texas have mulled a plan to deter Alamo employees from talking to the media, even after they’ve moved on.

Patti Atkins, DRT president-general, said the group is trying to stop a flow of “misinformation.”

“We have no intention of putting a gag order on anybody,” Atkins said.

According to minutes of an Aug. 12 meeting, the DRT’s Alamo Committee sent a proposed policy on media access to a lawyer for review. It would require new Alamo employees to acknowledge that when their employment ended, they’d be forbidden from giving interviews or making any “representations of the Alamo.”