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Watchdog blog roundup for 11-5-10

Printing Press

What others are saying about watchdog journalism and how to fund it:

  • Texas Tribune shows non-profit doesn’t mean non-growth | GigaOM
    The nonprofit Texas Tribune turns one year old. “There are plenty of bad-news stories in the media industry, so it’s nice to hear from a company that is not only beating its revenue and traffic targets, but seeing what it calls ‘hockey stick’ growth.”
  • Center for Public Integrity absorbs Huffington Post Investigative Fund | Editors Weblog
    “The merger would bring the number of people who work at the center to 50 employees, turning it into one of the largest nonprofit investigative newsrooms in the United States.”
  • A revenue stream for journalists — training | Lost Remote
    “As many more journalists seek to create their own newsrooms, whether online or cross-platform, the keep-you-up-at-night question remains the same. Who is going to pay us? How do we sustain these ventures?”
  • Are nonprofits the only way journalism can survive? | Culture Map
    “In the landscape of declining revenues for traditional media outlets, there’s been one model that has excelled in recent years: the nonprofit newsroom.”
  • Investigative journalism is finding its place online | Poynter
    “The decline of traditional print media used to raise concerns that investigative journalism was “in danger.” Now the conversation is much more focused on how this decline has sparked new opportunities for investigative journalism online.”