Looking forward to the future of journalism


John Tedesco reporter for the San Antonio Express-News

Hi, I’m a guy who works for that ink-covered relic called a “newspaper,” which you probably haven’t bothered to read if you’re my age or younger.

That’s too bad. Because as stodgy as newspapers can be, there are days when they live up to their promise and show us what’s really going on in the world.

This blog isn’t just about me — it’s about investigative journalism, and how we can keep it alive in a time of slashed newsroom budgets. I often blog about the excellent work of my colleagues at the San Antonio Express-News, the city’s daily newspaper, and tools that help anyone become a better storyteller. I pay for all the products in my reviews, and to defray those costs I use Google ads and affiliate links from Amazon.

Newspapers don’t hold a monopoly on strong journalism. Blogs, TV, radio, magazines and nonprofit groups are all doing outstanding work and I highlight their efforts, too.

But good newspapers have traditionally made huge investments in investigative stories. Especially local stories that make an impact. The problems in the newspaper industry — many of them admittedly self-inflicted — don’t bode well for an open society.

Ultimately, I want people to regain their faith in their local ink-covered relic. Sometimes, it isn’t just a boring pile of paper.

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