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CPS Energy failed to tell public true nuke estimate

Nice scoop by Anton Caputo and Tracy Idell Hamilton: CPS Energy knew a year ago that contractor Toshiba Inc. wanted at least $4 billion more than San Antonio was willing to pay for the nuclear expansion, according to several sources close to the deal. Despite this, utility officials used a much lower figure as they … Read more

Small-town newspaper keeps tabs on South Texas Project nuclear plant

The San Antonio Express-News has been delving into many story angles about the proposed expansion of the South Texas Project nuclear plant near Bay City. CPS Energy wants to invest more than $5 billion for two new reactors, which has touched off a heated debate in San Antonio. For today’s story about nuclear safety, I … Read more

New links: Water, nuclear energy and $400 million at stake

More food for thought about the South Texas Project nuclear plant, which has applied to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build two new reactors: Express-News Reporter Tracy Idell Hamilton revealed Sunday the city could be on the hook for $400 million in bonds — even if San Antonio’s CPS Energy does not invest in the … Read more

How two newspapers teamed up to cover a nuclear plant

As South Texas deals with a seemingly never-ending drought, San Antonio Express-News Environmental Reporter Anton Caputo teamed up with Austin American-Statesman Reporter Asher Price for this story about the water supply that cools nuclear reactors at the South Texas Project in Matagorda County. The utility companies of both cities own a stake in STP, which … Read more