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Video: Implosion of Ocean Tower at South Padre Island

Cool video by Express-News photographer Jerry Lara capturing the Ocean Tower implosion at South Padre Island. You can really get a sense of what it’s like to be in the crowd as charges explode in the distance and a building collapses.

Video  Implosion of Ocean Tower at South Padre Island   John TedescoAccording to Lynn Brezosky’s story, the Ocean Tower condos were doomed by shifting clay in the ground, and the unfinished structure was the tallest reinforced-concrete building that’s ever been demolished with explosives:

“The eyes of the engineering world were on this project,” said Mark Loizeaux, who as president of Maryland-based Controlled Demolition Inc. has brought down thousands of buildings, including the Kingdome in Seattle.

“There were actually engineering firms that said CDI can’t do this. That of course puts a smile on my face.”