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Daily diversion: Brown Coffee Co.

My appreciation for coffee has reached new, caffeine-fueled heights.

Aaron Blanco of Brown Coffee Co. roasts fresh coffee a few blocks from my house in a small building on North Zarzamora Street near the Deco District. I swung by today on my day off and it’s always an adventure. As Aaron often preaches, the coffee bean is a fruit, and his lightly roasted coffee actually tastes fruity. I always learn something — and usually get wired on espresso — when I visit.

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Brown Coffee Co. in San AntonioToday I was stoked because in addition to buying a bag of Ethiopian coffee, I picked up his last hand-powered Burr grinder. Can’t wait to try the thing.

Aaron teaches coffee classes on weekends and he’s adding a small cafe area. He also teamed up with a culinary expert who makes fresh cheese in the same building. They’re having a grand opening on July 10.