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Nuclear power: A primer on CPS Energy’s proposal to San Antonio

The San Antonio Express-News is investigating CPS Energy’s plans to invest $5.2 billion in a proposed expansion of the South Texas Project nuclear plant in Matagorda County.

How two newspapers teamed up to cover a nuclear plant John TedescoHere some more resources about the project and the nuclear plant:

  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Includes links to inspection reports and enforcement actions at STP.
  • San Antonio Current: Greg Harman at the city’s alt weekly has covered the issue in many stories and blog posts stretching back years. (Two stories are here and here).
  • >STP site: The energy company’s Web site includes press releases about its past awards and touts its safety record. The site has a “milestones” page, which is a timeline of the plant’s history. The chronology includes events in the troubled early days of the plant’s construction.
  • Nuke Free Texas: What critics are saying about the proposal.
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