Looking forward to the future of journalism

Watchdog blog roundup for 9-7-09

Close-up of a centuries-old handpress

What others are saying about watchdog journalism:

  • Nieman Journalism Lab: How much money did it cost for a 13,000-word article investigating patient deaths at a New Orleans hospital during Katrina? Answer: A lot. Try six figures.
  • Street Roots: Interview with Harper’s editor Ken Silverstein about the state of investigative journalism. “I don’t know where the media is going. I don’t know where the profession is going. We’ll probably all be unemployed in five years or working for free for blogs.”
  • Newsless.org: Five concrete steps to improving the news.
  • RCFP: The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press is fighting a challenge to the Texas Open Meetings Act filed by two city council members in Alpine, Texas.