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Watchdog blog roundup for 7-8-10

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What others are saying about watchdog journalism:

  • Bring curtain down on the LeBron James Show | Mitch Albom
    “Note to journalism students. When we celebrate investigative reporting, it’s for issues like war crimes, nursing home scandals or police corruption. It’s not to report that LeBron James has opened a Twitter account.”
  • Follow an investigative project as it happens | What the Judge Ate for Breakfast
    “We invite you to follow us on our journey, as we look into how a 2001 law meant to protect people from being wrongly imprisoned is working. That law allows Kansas inmates convicted of rape and murder, especially in older cases, to have biological evidence tested for DNA, which may prove their innocence.”
  • Gaps in watchdog journalism reflected in news from trial | David Carr
    “Much has been made of the pullback in foreign bureaus by American news organizations, leaving brutal regimes uncovered and third-world corruption unchecked. But there are many domestic instances in which a police force or local government has turned on people in inappropriate ways and, given the growing gaps in accountability reporting, no one will be the wiser as time goes on. “