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Nuclear power: A primer on CPS Energy’s proposal to San Antonio

The San Antonio Express-News set up a Web page with links to sites and news stories about CPS Energy’s plans to invest $5.2 billion in a proposed expansion of the South Texas Project nuclear plant in Matagorda County.

How two newspapers teamed up to cover a nuclear plant John TedescoHere some more resources about the project and the nuclear plant:

  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Includes links to inspection reports and enforcement actions at STP.
  • San Antonio Current: Greg Harman at the city’s alt weekly has covered the issue in many stories and blog posts stretching back years. (Two stories are here and here).

    His most recent blog entry questioned the format of the recent mayor’s forum, which allowed only one question apiece from critics.

  • STP site: The energy company’s Web site includes press releases about its past awards and touts its safety record. The site has a “milestones” page, which is a timeline of the plant’s history. The chronology includes events in the troubled early days of the plant’s construction.
  • Nuke Free Texas: What critics are saying about the proposal.