Looking forward to the future of journalism

Express-News loses nearly one out of three people in the newsroom

Today was a bad day. But some of our readers did a better job than I could ever do to sum it up. One wrote:

Sadly, this is happening all over the country. The newspaper community hasn’t figured out a way to be paid for their internet access. I surely would prefer to read what I want to on the internet than hold a dirty newspaper in my hands. However, I also should be willing and able to pay for the news. Before all the great writers are reduced to bloggers we need to find a way to pay for journalism. Book sales are having the same problem. However, books on tape are also “sold” so it works out. Newspapers are so valuable that their right to exist is spelled out in our constitution. Sure wish we could find the answer soon. The recession really had nothing to do with the decline of newspapers and yet the recession is the nails on the coffin.