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What readers are saying about Kiddie Park

Kiddie Park in San Antonio reported several children were injured in ride mishaps
Kiddie Park in San Antonio reported several children were injured in ride mishaps

Many readers who commented about our story that examined ride malfunctions at Kiddie Park in San Antonio reflected on their love for the old park, and their hope that its woes can be addressed.

Here are a few examples:

Kiddie Park holds a special place in my heart, but I was fearful taking my children there in the 1980’s due to exposed moving parts, evidence of inadequate repairs, and minimal passenger restraints. Complete overhauls by the most competent professionals could never bring many of the antiquated attractions my father rode in the 1920’s and I rode in the 1950’s to modern safety standards. Good fortune alone has spared more serious injuries; I regret not acting as a concerned citizen to prevent the trauma that has been suffered by innocent children. — Alfred E. Neuman

I recently took my son to kiddie park in hopes of him reliving the fun I had there as a child. But when we got there I was disappointed at the poor condition it was in & didn’t put my son on any of the rides. I’m not surprised children have been hurt in the past & I won’t be returning until someone makes this a safe park for kids. — Bonnie

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What a shame this wonderful relic from another era has fallen into such direpair. Like so many others I have great memories from childhood of being taken there. I can’t help but think some savvy business person could take this over, spruce it up and turn it back into a prosperous, safe and inviting miniature Tivoli Gardens that would be a treat for all of us. — Will

What really gets me is when people say “Remember Playland? Don’t you wish it was still here?” I know I do. It’s amazing that Kiddie Park is still around in spite of these issues which I’m sure all amusement parks have. This city is so proud of their history with the Missions, La Villita, and all its different cultures. I’m surprised that there isn’t a public effort to “Refurbish Kiddie Park”. My understanding is that it’s officially the oldest Kiddie Park in the nation. It would be another sad day in San Antonio history if this park closed. I no longer have kids young enough to enjoy Kiddie Park but I’d be willing to do something to help keep this going for future generations. — Robert