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Another fight at the Alamo: The Daughters of the Republic of Texas are feuding

The Alamo at Night

Express-News Reporter Scott Huddleston has written a story that reveals how some caretakers of the Alamo are splitting from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the nonprofit organization that oversees the historic mission in San Antonio:

Tensions within the group running the Alamo have fueled an unprecedented schism, casting uncertainty on the future of the Shrine of Texas Liberty.

Two members of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas are forming their own nonprofit to benefit the Alamo, despite the DRT’s objections.

“I think the split has been a long time coming,” said Erin Bowman, the San Antonian leading the effort.

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Conflicts within the DRT, which has run the state’s top tourist attraction since 1905, are frequent. But some say in-fighting among the Daughters is the worst it’s been in years, amid the pressure of raising a record $60 million for the state-owned Alamo in a down economy.

2 thoughts on “Another fight at the Alamo: The Daughters of the Republic of Texas are feuding

  1. How many of the group are breaking away, for I saw two members names in articles about this subject? Add one retired manager and that makes 3. Who else has come forward to join “The Renegade Erin Bowman”, as she is referred to in one article. What is her background, or has anyone bothered to look. Maybe there are back articles in the San Antonio newspaper with clues as to her activities as a DRT member when she chaired the fundraising campaign. I think I’ll check her out.

    The Alamo attracts visitors from all around the world who are in awe of what the Alamo stands for and it is a symbol of freedom and greatness that inspired Texas Independence. Some say these stories are myths, but they have an impact far greater than the men themselves, who would be simply amazed to learn of the impact they have had on the imaginations of men and women everywhere today. Texas benefits handsomely from the tourists, and I’ll bet San Antonio loves the money!

  2. My sentiments exactly. What is her background and why did it take her so long to raise the money? Did she leave the Alamo and the DRT on the hook for two years with false promises of raising money? What is her background? How does she specific plan to continue the educational plans that the DRTs put forth every year as educators. Does her group plan on taking away the fiesta events and the Battle of Flowers parade away from them also. Their exit leaves more questions unanswered than answered ones. It is certainly easy to criticize, but now the proof is in the pudding. They can run their own and try and do it better. DRT is a hard act to follow. I do see a generation gap between Erin Bowman and the DRT ladies and I wish her well on her endeavors to get more young people interested in the Alamo. It seems when people leave home to pursue their own lives they loose interest in history. Good luck to all and keep up the good work DRTS.

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