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New links: Water, nuclear energy and $400 million at stake

More food for thought about the South Texas Project nuclear plant, which has applied to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build two new reactors:

Read more about CPS Energy: Tracking the safety record of a nuclear plant

The South Texas Project nuclear plant
The South Texas Project nuclear plant
  • Express-News Reporter Tracy Idell Hamilton revealed Sunday the city could be on the hook for $400 million in bonds — even if San Antonio’s CPS Energy does not invest in the nuclear project.
  • Greg Harman at the San Antonio Current blogs about the STP’s high power output and water usage. Harman also had a feature story last week about the environmental impact of uranium mining.
  • The Victoria Advocate covered a protest of union workers at the plant who asked for safer conditions and higher wages.
  • The Wall Street Journal offers a lengthy, interesting primer on nuclear energy and its future in the United States.