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Old news in newspapers? Not always

Old news in newspapers  Not always   John TedescoInteresting letter-to-the-editor today in the San Antonio Express-News written by Linnea Schlobohm, who sums up one of the main themes of this blog better than I ever could:

After reading Brian Chasnoff’s beautifully crafted story on the San Antonio River, “Paradise Lost to Progress” (Front Page, Sept. 6), I remembered a recent TV comment predicting the demise of newspapers because everything in them is old news.

I beg to differ. Chasnoff did more than give me a headline and some statistics. He pulled me into a compelling story and, more importantly, presented vivid images of the river, its history and its potential future.

That’s not old news. That’s news in-depth. And that’s what we need when we’re making decisions about finances, resources and quality of life. Long live good reporters and good newspapers.

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