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Saying goodbye to Mac

Elaine Ayala wrote a touching obit today about Express-News photographer Robert Earl McLeroy Jr., who was known to everyone in the newsroom as “Mac.” At the age of 57, Mac died Tuesday from complications from a massive stroke he suffered in May:

McLeroy worked at the newspaper for 29 years. He took a buyout in 2007 and remained a freelance photographer. He documented the city’s history, shooting sporting events and train derailments, food and fashion, perps, politicians and even a pope.

A fellow photographer called him “an old-school photographic master.” He never complained and always cooperated. E-mail tributes about him crisscrossed the newsroom Wednesday. They remembered him as the sweet guy behind the camera.

“In my time here, Mac didn’t go to the Super Bowl. He didn’t go to the Olympics,” said William Luther, deputy director of photography for the Express-News. “He wasn’t a globe-trotting photojournalist. He was here in the community covering us.”

Take care, Mac.