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Watchdog blog roundup for 10-13-10

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What others are saying about watchdog journalism and how to fund it …

  • Public Media’s $100 million plan: 100 journalists per city | Newsonomics
    Public radio is discussing a big plan: “Expand regional ‘public media’ news operations to 100 reporters and editors per market in four to six markets — and soon.” The news operations would be “digital-first, text-heavy and video-ready, while porting over the audio from radio. In other words, not re-purposed ‘radio’ news, but the kind of standalone, multi-platform news operations we’re starting to see, as with TBD in Washington, D.C.”
  • Kindle Singles: A new home for in-depth news | Nieman Journalism Lab
    Amazon is launching “Kindle Singles” for articles that are shorter than a book, but longer than a magazine piece. “Amazon doesn’t mention what could be one of the most natural producers of Singles: newspaper series.”
  • American Journalism Review tracks rise of new nonprofits, other journalism ventures | Texas Watchdog
    “The American Journalism Review this month examines the decline of statehouse coverage and investigative journalism and the rise of nonprofits and other new models in a package of stories, “Journalism in the Crucible.
  • New models for nonprofit news sites | KnightBlog
    The Knight Foundation looks at two companies that could help fund journalism experiments: Press Plus and Kachingle.
  • A teeny-weeny oversight leads to a major scoop and the unveiling of a civil-rights era informant | JimmyCSays
    Little details matter: How the guys with the sharpies screwed up.
  • Online tutorial for nonprofit news sites | Investigative News Network
    Want to start your own nonprofit news organization? Here are instructions in 12 not-so-easy steps.