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Home sellers could pay hidden fee to real estate developers for generations

Jennifer Hiller wrote an interesting story about a company started in Austin that is trying to sell developers on a novel way to make a profit: Here’s a new concept in real estate: Buy a house, and when you go to sell it years later, owe the original developer or builder 1 percent of the … Read more

How developers skirt city codes

Whenever a real estate developer bulldozes majestic oaks or paves over environmentally sensitive land on the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone, it’s usually because he has “vested rights.” He’s grandfathered from city codes, and he can do whatever he wants on a property. But sometimes trees are cut down not because of vested rights, but because … Read more

Fay Sinkin’s papers track Edwards Aquifer struggle

Fay Sinkin helped establish Government Canyon, a state park located on the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone

Environmentalist Fay Sinkin died last week at the age of 90. There’s a rich archival resource available to the public for anyone who wants to learn about her life and the decades-long battle she fought to protect the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio’s main drinking supply. The University of Texas at San Antonio established an archive … Read more