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Daily Diversion: His Girl Friday

The witty banter between two journalists played by Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell makes “His Girl Friday” a gem of a romantic comedy. But to me, the best part is at the 45 minute mark of the movie.

His Girl FridayUp to that point, Russell’s wisecracking character had been telling everyone how she’s getting out of the newspaper business for good. But then a big story breaks. Suddenly, all her plans evaporate. Getting the story becomes the most important thing in the world. She gets Cary Grant on the phone and all their baggage is forgotten as she assures him: “Don’t worry, I’m on the job.”

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Now, I’ve never tackled a fleeing official to get an interview, which Russell did a minute later in the movie. But this brief scene really gives you a sense of the adrenaline rush reporters get when they’re on a big story. It’s one reason why the journalism bug bites so many of us. It’s also one reason why leaving the business is so hard, and why losing so many journalists in this day and age is heartbreaking.