Looking forward to the future of journalism

Watchdog blog roundup for 7-30-09

Close-up of a centuries-old handpress

What others are saying about watchdog journalism:

  • Temple Talk: A way for newspapers to make sure others don’t unfairly profit from their work on the Web — without erecting a pay wall.
  • San Antonio Express-News: Peggy Fikac’s interview with former Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith, who is leaving the magazine to edit a new nonprofit Web publication, the Texas Tribune. The tribune recently announced it was hiring several top-notch journalists.
  • Columbia Journalism Review: An interview with Jonathan Glick, who helped take the New York Times online. “Having spent a lot of time in this industry, I’m not at all concerned that there will be the loss of investigative journalism. I actually find it very funny that people think that’s a risk. Only because it’s quite obvious when you meet these folks that they will do it for free. People kill themselves to get into journalism, and no one gets paid a lot of money anyway. So, this idea that you need this traditional newspaper model is completely false.”

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