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Constitution of the Mexican Mafia: Democracy, respect and no bets worth more than ice cream

Constitution of the Mexican Mafia in Texas by John Tedesco

Express-News Reporter Guillermo Contreras is covering a federal trial involving the Mexican Mafia, and he wrote about a fascinating court exhibit: The constitution of the Mexican Mafia in Texas.

This document was posted on mySA.com today, and it’s all about setting a strong social structure for the gang:

Constitution of the Mexican Mafia in Texas

  • A democratic vote is needed to approve new members of the Mexican Mafia. The new members must undergo a probationary period of 120 days, and they must be recommended by a sponsoring gang member. The constitution also states: “We all have the right to express opinions, ideals, contradict and criticize constructively.”
  • “Each member of the Mexikanemi must make the effort to conquer his disabilities; be they pleasure or materials.”
  • Each member must show respect to each other. “Playing and kidding around among Worthwhiles shall be permitted up to a certain point. Heavy ‘teasing’ of whore, faggot, brown-noser, etc. …. are totally prohibited.”
  • “Cash bets amongst Worthwhiles with a value of over one pint of ice cream shall be prohibited.”
  • There are few words that actually describe the criminal activities of the Mexican Mafia. Here they are:

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    “We shall deal in drugs, contract killings, prostitution, large scale robbery, gambling, weapons, and in everything imaginable.”