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Tracking the safety record of a nuclear plant

The South Texas Project nuclear plant
The South Texas Project nuclear plant
As CPS Energy seeks to invest in an expansion of the South Texas Project nuclear plant, the San Antonio Express-News set up a timeline of the plant’s history and safety record.

You can check out what we’ve found so far, and also submit information in an online forum. We’ll plug relevant events into the chronology.

Over the past two decades the plant has won industry awards for its track record. But we also found:

  • An incident report about a small fire in an electrical room at the plant;
  • A report alleging there were holes in plant security;
  • Reports about tiny cracks found in nozzles at the bottom of a reactor;
  • And in an unusual incident last year, there’s a news story about a jet fighter that was scrambled to intercept a private plane flying near the plant. Within minutes of that emergency, a man was spotted with a rifle case at the plant and was detained. It turned out he was an employee who bought the rifle case at the plant’s company store.
  • I did most of the research and mySA’s Mike Howell plugged the information into the online database. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions.