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Remember Body Solutions? It’s back, but under new ownership

Harry Siskind gives a one-finger salute to the media
Harry Siskind gives a one-finger salute to the media
Once upon a time, Body Solutions was the talk of San Antonio and no one questioned the company’s weight-loss claims. Then the Express-News published two outstanding watchdog stories revealing how the company was founded by a tabloid journalist named Harry Siskind, and no proof existed that the diet products actually worked.

That’s why newspapers are awesome.

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Body Solutions is back but now under new ownership and trying to rebrand itself:

Body Solutions, a once high-flying weight loss product brought down by overblown promotions and a deceptive founder, is back with a new name, a new owner and a more restrained pitch.

Gone is the “Evening Weight Loss Formula” tag that once followed the name. Unless you live in Dallas, where the product is actively marketed, you aren’t hearing radio personalities make endless appeals for the product like they once did here.

The new Body Solutions Ultra is a double-patented dietary supplement that is drawing sales after less than three months on the market and deserves a chance to prove its worth, its new owner said.

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