Looking forward to the future of journalism

Watchdog blog roundup for 9-15-2009

Close-up of a centuries-old handpress

What others are saying about watchdog journalism:

  • Nieman Journalism Lab: Right-wing think tank hires investigative reporter. “Is it journalism? Or is it advocacy?”
  • Online Journalism Review: Robert Niles interviews Thomas Maier about his multimedia story investigating the aftermath of U.S. nuclear tests in the Pacific. Niles asks whether the Web is forging a marriage between newspaper investigations and documentary filmmaking.
  • The Daily Dish: Mark Bowden, author of “Black Hawk Down,” sees investigative journalism being outsourced to political operatives.
  • The Nation: Eric Alterman praises a lengthy investigation of Harvard Medical School by New York Times reporter Duff Wilson. Alterman asks, are private entities such as Harvard too difficult to investigate for bloggers?
  • Read more about watchdog reporting: The declining state of investigative journalism