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Watchdog blog roundup for 8-12-10

Close-up of a centuries-old handpress

What others are saying about watchdog journalism:

  • Carl Bernstein: The “Golden Age” of Investigative Journalism Never Existed | The Big Think
    Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein isn’t concerned about the state of investigative journalism today — he’s concerned about the state of today’s readers.
  • The tyranny of the daily 10 percent | The Evolving Newsroom
    If money grew on trees and journalists could produce all the top-notch stories they wanted, would the audience read them all? Would it make a difference in society? Or would readers still scan the headlines and read roughly 10 percent of those stories?
  • The glacial pace of justice | Washington Post
    Cold cases that the Justice Department have successfully prosecuted relied on the work of investigative reporters.
  • Mainstream news media: Not dead yet | The Christian Science Monitor
    Journalism must find some middle ground where illuminating investigative pieces and Mel Gibson telephone call mash-ups can coexist.
  • Kachingle hopes ‘social payments’ can help fund content | MediaShift
    “If advertising alone isn’t going to support all the online journalism and content sites, and pay walls will just turn readers away, perhaps there’s another solution …”