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I’m famous! Colbert Report mocks John Tedesco! Wait, what?

It sounds too good to be true, but did you know there are two John Tedescos roaming around in the world? It’s true!

Good Spock, Bad SpockIf you recently Googled “John Tedesco” and wound up at my blog, you’re probably looking for this Colbert Report episode that made fun of the other John Tedesco, who is a school board member in Wake County, North Carolina.

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This is all very confusing and for now I’m going to think of me and the other John Tedesco as the Good Spock/Bad Spock in that one Star Trek episode about an alternate universe. I’m assuming the other John Tedesco is Bad Spock because they both have goatees and a Vulcan death grip.

I will provide a full update when Colbert will inevitably make fun of me at some point in the future.

(Photo credit: Dave Friedel on Flickr)

5 thoughts on “I’m famous! Colbert Report mocks John Tedesco! Wait, what?

  1. Sorry for the confusion. Just remember: goatee = evil John Tedesco. No goatee = good John Tedesco. These rules apply to all evil twins, such as Spock and David Hasselhoff.

  2. John,

    I know you have an interest in social-network analysis. So you should know that you and The Other John Tedesco are only three degrees of separation from each other.

    One of my dearest friends and most important journalistic mentors is an education reporter for the Raleigh News-Observer, and among his work contacts/Facebook friends is … The Other John Tedesco.

    Everytime The Other John Tedesco posts on Tommy’s Facebook page, I see it. The first time it happened, I thought, “Wait, how does Tommy know John in San Antonio?”

    And one time you commented on my Facebook page, prompting Tommy to message me and ask, “Is there really another John Tedesco who is Facebook friends with you?”

    — Jennifer P in Houston

  3. Hi John,

    It’s a pleasure to meet you. I have read many good things about you in my reviews. While the Colbert bit was amusing, it was very skewed and taken out of context.

    I have dedicated my life to helping at-risk children. After growing up in poverty and bouncing from low-income housing and social services, I dedicated my life to helping kids like me. I spent years building homeless shelters for abused and abondoned children, and mentoring programs for children; including my last effort to buil NC’s Mentoring Children of Prisoners Program for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

    As a reporter I am certain you know there is always more to every story. There are several issues at play in the Wake County debate about how we serve our most vulnerable children. For years the system had been broadening the achievment gap and excelerating the school to prison pipeline. There are those that wish to stir opposition for political motives have attempted to make it about race and deter a needed conversation in our community.

    If you wish to learn a brief bit more about me the following article written by our News & Observer. They are certainly no friend of mine and do not attempt to be so in this piece. But if you read through to the end and the side bars you may learn a few things about me. http://www.newsobserver.com/2010/03/21/399636/wakes-point-man-on-school-zoning.html

    My approach in life is to let humilty and Grace guide me and believe the best in people first before I accept the spin. With that in mind, I am willing to believe that it is quite possible that God may have put two “Good” John Tedescos here.

    If you are interested in knowing more feel free to reach out to me any time or friend me on facebook.
    Thanks, and best wishes.
    John Tedesco

  4. I went to high school with John…we graduated in the same
    class.  John was always really outgoing and intelligent.  I am not
    sure what is going on here.  This piece seems so out of context although
    it was funny…

    Ken Northington

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