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Rivermist homes: ‘Priced to move!’

Rivermist ArtSan Antonio artist Gary Sweeney has created a sarcastic advertisement for the Hills of Rivermist, a neighborhood built by Centex Homes that has seen better days:

In case you’ve been out of the country lately, Rivermist is the Northwest Side neighborhood where people saw huge cracks open in their backyards and a retaining wall collapsed Jan. 24.

Sweeney’s artwork is part of the Urban Landscapes exhibit on view at Palo Alto College Art Gallery through the end of the month.

Don’t worry, Centex. Sweeney has also made fun of President Bush. And he once created a postcard to Sam Houston from Davy Crockett on a fantasy vacation to Cancun: “Dude — This place is awesome .. met some chicks … Bowie puked in the lobby … Travis says hey.”