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CPS Energy failed to tell public true nuke estimate

Nice scoop by Anton Caputo and Tracy Idell Hamilton: CPS Energy knew a year ago that contractor Toshiba Inc. wanted at least $4 billion more than San Antonio was willing to pay for the nuclear expansion, according to several sources close to the deal. Despite this, utility officials used a much lower figure as they … Read more

Tracking the safety record of a nuclear plant

As CPS Energy seeks to invest in an expansion of the South Texas Project nuclear plant, the San Antonio Express-News set up a timeline of the plant’s history and safety record. You can check out what we’ve found so far, and also submit information in an online forum. We’ll plug relevant events into the chronology. … Read more

Nuclear power: A primer on CPS Energy’s proposal to San Antonio

The San Antonio Express-News set up a Web page with links to sites and news stories about CPS Energy’s plans to invest $5.2 billion in a proposed expansion of the South Texas Project nuclear plant in Matagorda County. Here some more resources about the project and the nuclear plant: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Includes links … Read more