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Readers respond to false nuke claim

The South Texas Project nuclear plant
The South Texas Project nuclear plant

Have you heard of the nuclear accident at the SL-1 military facility that killed three men in 1961?

Some readers of the San Antonio Express-News know about it. And today they questioned claims by nuclear plant owner CPS Energy that no one has ever been harmed by operations at a nuclear plant in the United States.

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Check out the sweeping claims by CPS Energy in the story here, and look at the response by two readers who offered links to articles and reports about the deadly, Jan. 3, 1961 steam explosion at an experimental nuclear facility in Idaho.

Today I asked a CPS Energy official about the accident. While noting the military facility was a prototype that pales in comparison to today’s commercial nuclear plans, he acknowledged that CPS’ sweeping claims need to be scaled back.

I wrote a story about the issue that’s running tomorrow — kudos to our readers for the great tip.