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Watchdog blog roundup for 6-15-10

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What others are saying about watchdog journalism:

  • For Salon Reporter, a Long Commitment to Arlington Burial Story | Media Decoder
    Salon reporter Mark Benjamin explains how and why he wrote stories about burial errors at Arlington National Cemetery. “The idea that a mother and father might be out there praying over a headstone over a grave that may not contain the remains of their kid is pretty hard core,” he said. “I have seen wives and girlfriends in the cemetery literally hugging those headstones.”
  • Bill Buzenberg on Center for Public Integrity’s aim to “catalyze impact,” fundraise in a competitive field | Nieman Journalism Lab
    “Nonprofit news organizations may be all the rage, but they’re not a new animal. Last week, 20-year-old Center for Public Integrity announced a round of recent hires.”
  • An NYT Win on a Countrywide Mortgage Scam | Columbia Journalism Review
    “The Federal Trade Commission slapped a $108 million fine on Countrywide/Bank of America earlier this week. Tough investigative business journalism made that possible.”
  • California Pulitzer Prize-winning paper becomes L3C | Shop notes
    A group of journalists, educators and community leaders bought the Point Reyes Light newspaper. “The most interesting aspect of the sale is that the Light will operate as a low-profit limited liability company, or an L3C.”