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Interactive maps: How Bexar County voted in the 2018 primary elections

Interactive map of Bexar County elections

It’s one thing to learn that Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Manuel Medina lost in last week’s primaries by a whopping 35-point margin. It’s another thing to see how the results of that lopsided election look on a map. Each teal-colored area represents a victory for Medina’s challenger, Monica Ramirez Alcantara: Bexar County primary for … Read more

Interactive map: How the major candidates fared in the 2017 San Antonio mayoral election

Campaign workers at Huebner Elementary in the May 2017 election

After every election, Bexar County officials release voting-precinct data that make for interesting reading for anyone who wants to know how their neighborhood voted or how each candidate fared in different parts of the community. For the 2017 mayoral race in San Antonio, here’s how the results look in an interactive map we made based … Read more

Interactive map shows how Bexar County voted in the 2016 presidential election

Election Day in Bexar County

Hillary Clinton lost the election — but not in Bexar County. We can see which parts of the county and San Antonio supported Clinton or GOP presidential winner Donald Trump thanks to the Bexar County Elections Department, which releases precinct-level voting results after every election. This interactive map we created from the data follows a … Read more

Mapping voting sites with ZeeMaps

Somehow my unofficial beat during every election in San Antonio is to roam around and write about the problems and low-voter turnout that afflict our messy Democracy. While on “election snafu” patrol, I was relying on a list of voting sites put out by the Bexar County Elections Department. But the list of locations was … Read more