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Golf course as wildlife refuge? PGA resort fights for another tax break

Investigative Reporter Karisa King continues digging into the property tax system in Bexar County. She’s been examining how homeowners and businesses try to find ways to lower their property appraisals, which in turn lowers their tax bill. Her Sunday story disclosed how the owners of the PGA Tour golf resort, which was built after years … Read more

How to lower your property taxes: miniature donkeys?

Texas relies heavily on property taxes to raise revenue, and homeowners have a right to protest the appraised value of their land set by county officials. The lower the appraisal, the lower the tax bill. Express-News Reporter Karisa King has been examining a county database that tracks protests filed by homeowners. She obtained the data … Read more

Search a Bexar County database to learn who’s disputing their property appraisals

Using the Texas Public Information Act, reporter Karisa King obtained a huge database that tracks property tax protests in Bexar County and San Antonio. She analyzed the data and here’s what she found: Everybody wants lower property taxes. But those with the least ability to pay rarely protest their appraised values, while owners of upscale … Read more