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Watchdog blog roundup for 12-21-09

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What others are saying about watchdog journalism, and how to fund it:

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  • The Nation: News flash: Investigative reporting costs money.
  • Bad Idea magazine: David Cohn, the founder of the investigative journalism project Spot.Us, says “crowdfunding” can help pay for watchdog stories. “I think that this kind of community-funded reporting could support anywhere from 5% to 30% of a news organisation’s revenue stream once it’s mature, but it’ll never support an entire news organisation.”
  • Reflections of a Newsosaur: Young journalists are grappling with a shortage of salaried jobs.
  • Jason Policastro: An interesting look at entrepreneurial news sites that have popped up in Baltimore, where the Baltimore Sun has downsized, the Baltimore Examiner has closed, and many journalists are unemployed. They’re starting their own ventures.