Looking forward to the future of journalism

Become a Google power searcher: Google is now offering free search lessons online

Wow, a lot of people are very, very eager to learn how to search the web more effectively. My post about Daniel Russell’s awesome Google search techniques has generated a ton of traffic and great reactions. And today we learn that Google is going to start offering lessons to people to become power searchers. Course … Read more

Reporting tool: Taking notes with Evernote

Shawn Miller wrote an amazingly detailed review of Evernote, a free service that lets you take notes, pictures and recordings; sync them with Evernote; and read and search all your material on Web browsers, desktop software, and mobile apps: Why install the same application in so many different places? Evernote stores your collected items in … Read more

Full C-Span archives now online

Political junkies, rejoice. C-Span has posted nearly its entire video archive online for the public to search and view. This is awesome. Let’s say you’re researching the roots of the economic crisis, and you want to explore whether the deregulation of the banking industry played a role. The C-Span archive offers the full video of … Read more

New research tool: Searchable Google archives of Life Magazine

This is a cool tool for history buffs: Google unveiled a vast, searchable archive of Life Magazine for all 1,860 issues from 1936 to 1972. Run a search for “San Antonio” and you’ll find all kinds of stories and photos: A 1938 feature story about Thomas Jefferson High School, with photos of its ROTC classes … Read more

Car advice in 1907 and other archived awesomeness

Meg Marco at the Consumerist blogged about a quirky New York Times article that offered car maintenance tips — from 1907. In the process, she highlighted the usefulness of an awesome research tool: Digital, searchable newspaper archives dating to the 1800s. We were poking around the NYT archives when we stumbled across this gem, car … Read more

Government Accountability Office now on Twitter, YouTube

GAO CNN Video July 2009 YouTube

If you’re researching a topic related to the federal government, chances are the Government Accountability Office has already looked into the issue and published a detailed report about it. Now the GAO, the nonpartisan investigative arm of Congress, is going all social media on us by setting up accounts on Twitter and YouTube. Related: A … Read more