Looking forward to the future of journalism

Become a Google power searcher: Google is now offering free search lessons online

Wow, a lot of people are very, very eager to learn how to search the web more effectively. My post about Daniel Russell’s awesome Google search techniques has generated a ton of traffic and great reactions. And today we learn that Google is going to start offering lessons to people to become power searchers. Course … Read more

Reporting tool: Taking notes with Evernote

Shawn Miller wrote an amazingly detailed review of Evernote, a free service that lets you take notes, pictures and recordings; sync them with Evernote; and read and search all your material on Web browsers, desktop software, and mobile apps: Why install the same application in so many different places? Evernote stores your collected items in … Read more

Car advice in 1907 and other archived awesomeness

Meg Marco at the Consumerist blogged about a quirky New York Times article that offered car maintenance tips — from 1907. In the process, she highlighted the usefulness of an awesome research tool: Digital, searchable newspaper archives dating to the 1800s. We were poking around the NYT archives when we stumbled across this gem, car … Read more

Government Accountability Office now on Twitter, YouTube

If you’re researching a topic related to the federal government, chances are the Government Accountability Office has already looked into the issue and published a detailed report about it. Now the GAO, the nonpartisan investigative arm of Congress, is going all social media on us by setting up accounts on Twitter and YouTube. This is … Read more